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I felt intense pressure for my teens to go down the “right” path.


And to be honest, a path that wouldn’t ruin my professional reputation.

As a Sociologist specializing in adolescence, my margin for error felt non-existent.

I couldn’t fail my own babies when I knew so much about what they needed.

I’d invested year after year making sure they had the best opportunities.

Even when everything else was on the line, they still got the best I could give.

I knew there were no second chances at childhood.


Then they grew up, and with their choices out of my control and the news always reminding me of fatal consequences, I realized I didn’t have the luxury of making mistakes.


After my marriage ended, my teen daughters and I struggled to find a new balance.

I was worried that our years-long emotional roller-coaster ride could have dire consequences.

Or interfere with their trajectory into adulthood.

I was afraid of failing them, or even losing them as they navigated new friends, schools, and living arrangements.

Before I knew it, I couldn’t even listen to their conversations without injecting my own anxiety.

I’d try to jump in and solve their problems, sure I knew best.

They felt mounting pressure from my growing desperation for control and would shut down instead of talking.

I deeply missed them.

I had strong opinions about everything from their clothing styles to their school choices.

But I knew if I pushed too hard, they would stop listening to me altogether.


Life was a balancing act, walking a tight rope of knowing they were now out of my control, but still in need of guidance as they ventured further and further out into our big, unforgiving world.

I didn’t feel close to my parents as a teen.

Though they loved me, alcoholism and divorce drama left them with little time and energy to invest in my world.

I made a commitment for my own children that they’d never suffer from the same lack of loving support I’d experienced.

Yet, like most of us, despite my best intentions I ended up repeating history with my own struggles and divorce.


Fearing I’d failed, I was ever more determined to connect with my kids heart-to-heart, which led me to learn exactly how to show up so they would tune me in, instead of tuning me out.


I’ve spent the last 30+ years understanding what adolescents need from their parents to thrive.

It’s been my passion and my mission to learn how teens think and feel.

I’ve mastered the skills required to create supportive teen and parent relationships.

Those skills are what ultimately supported all of us during our journey through adolescence, divorce, college, and beyond.

Today, my girls–now grown women–are thriving on their paths.

And we still have a loving relationship.

They turn to me for guidance with a level of trust I worked damn hard to earn.

I’ve even learned how to embrace my quiet, creative empty nest and reclaim my leisure time.


Having the freedom to write, walk my basset hounds on the Gulf beaches, and make travel plans whenever I need to without worrying about my grown children is priceless at my age.


As a parent mentor and coach, I’ve helped 100’s of families navigate adolescence and create rewarding teen-parent relationships that can weather any storm.

And now I’ve put everything you need to learn exactly how to get your teen back on track into an easy, 5 step course, so you can find out how to completely transform your relationship with your teen in just 70 minutes.

That’s right, my online course is just 70 minutes.

You’re only one lunch hour away from creating new memories + a bond with your teen that will last a lifetime.

Your Teen’s Future Depends On You.


Imagine your teen as an adult with a family of their own.

What kind of relationship do you have?

How often do they visit?

Do they trust you with the big things in their life – even your grandchildren?

My course will help you connect at a deeper level, so you not only have greater influence on their choices today, but you’ll co-create a lifelong friendship that lasts through all of those adult milestones you want to be a part of…

What Will You Experience as a Result of This Course?




Imagine the peace of mind of knowing what your teen is up to, who they’re spending time with, even how they’re doing in school.



With the 5 essential skills I’ll teach you, you’ll learn how to engage your teen in conversation without it feeling manipulative or forced.



You’ll learn how to help them solve problems without projecting your own anxiety, which means you won’t create anxiety in them.



These problem-solving skills you’ll model will serve them with everything from how to handle car trouble to what to do in an important meeting with their boss.



You’ll empower them to be successful in any setting since all careers hinge on relationships and communication skills. When you give them the power to make the right choice, they’ll feel 100% invested in their own success.



You’ll model healthy relationships so they don’t find themselves in abusive or controlling relationships. They’ll learn how to speak up, set boundaries, and hold limits.



Feel confident that your teen is on the right path toward independence, so you can spend your golden years creating amazing memories instead of putting out fires and wondering when the drama (or drain on your wallet) will ever end.



And most importantly, you’ll change their internal voice to one that’s supportive, guiding them to always make the choices that serve their highest good.

What Parents Are Saying

I put the first lesson of the course to work right away. I had been working with Laura as my parent coach for a little while already when I started the course. My 16-year-old son has a lot of resentment towards me, but he is beginning to open up. He asked me to tell him something “meaningful” about him. (I tend to get on his case and bark orders.) After, thinking about it, I knew he was seeking affirmation. The first communication skill of the course is about Affirmations. I quickly wrote a few and sent them to Laura by FB Messenger. We revised them together to get the tone right, to be less judgmental. Then, I went back to my son and said, “I thought about what you were asking for and I want you to know I see how disciplined you are with your homework. I am also proud of your courage when you made a decision to choose another activity other than music when you felt you weren’t making progress. Right after I said it, my son invited me to watch Instagram videos with him! He hadn’t done that before. It was a big win!! Our trust and relationship is really growing. I can’t wait to finish the course and see more wins! Thank you, Laura.

-Alyx M.

Mother of 4 (2 Teen Sons, 2 Young Adult Daughters)

What Parents Are Saying

“Laura was a Godsend to me. With all I learned, I feel a sense of calm empowerment for the first time in YEARS! I even feel a sense of calm about my teens’ future. Before, I felt my life was flooded in chaos, but she helped me practice positive communication skills that conveyed my heart. I always looked forward to our next session. I highly recommend her!”

-Linda E.

Mother of Twin Teen Daughters

What Parents Are Saying

“My 22 year old, my first born kissed me and told me thank you for leading by example for my brothers!  So your stuff, your support, and your system works!”

-Alyx M.

Mother of 4 (2 Teen Sons, 2 Young Adult Daughters)

What Parents Are Saying

“I was at my wits’ end. Then I bought Laura’s course. The communication skills and the way they are laid out and explained helped me not only survive but actually enjoy the last two years with my twin daughters.”

-Linda E. 

Mom of Twins

What Parents Are Saying

“Every time I use the communication skills I learned and practiced in Laura’s course, I am humbled by how my son tunes in and hears me. And I am so grateful to truly hear him now and be reminded what a sweet spirit he has. I’m so glad I took this course and I did this work.”

-Priya B.

Mom of Sons

“This generation will only tolerate


-Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent, who invited Laura to present her award-winning book on teen-parent communication, How to Raise Respectful Parents, at her 2017 Evolve conference.

5 Fast Facts About Laura Lyles Reagan:



I have a Masters of Science in Sociology, specializing in interactionism, communication dynamics, and the sociology of childhood and adolescence.


I’m a former instructor in the Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.


My original research, “Dynamic Duos,” about adult mentor and parent impact on youth and teens was featured in the Journal of Applied Social Science, 2013.


My youth development career spans service in Mexico City as a youth substance abuse counselor to non-profit management in Texas.


My teen and parent coaching service has trained teens, parents, and educators nationwide. I conduct workshops on hot topics such as substance abuse, bullying prevention, and teen suicide prevention.

If you don’t have the time or money to invest in the relationship with your teen right now, I get it. This isn’t for everyone.

It takes a burning passion for a better outcome for this course to work for you. No hard feelings if you’re not ready or able yet. 

But if you’re ready to improve your relationship with your teen AND their path forward in life,

I’ve created this course just for you.

I’ve put the best of my 30+ years of research into 5 easy to use communication skills, given you 70 minutes of instruction and examples plus 7 worksheets to bring your new knowledge and skills to life.

Here’s What’s Included:


Introduction to Co-Creation

You’ll learn what co-creation is and how you can harness this knowledge to develop a healthy, supportive, and influential relationship with your teen.

Create Change

Co-Creation Skills

2.1 – Affirmations, the Baseline to Co-Create in The New Paradigm of Conscious Parenting

2.2 – So, Whose Problem Is It? The Secret of Letting Go

2.3 – Open-Ended Questions: How to Engage Them

2.4 – Active Listening With The Heart: The Key to Co-Creation

2.5 – I-Messages: Sharing Your Heart

Make Sure It Lasts

Putting It All Together, Together

  • 30+ years of education and research at your fingertips
  • Access your course anytime, day or night
  • Finish it in one lunch hour or spend just 10 minutes a day. You can go at your own pace!
  • 50 Teen Conversation Starters List of Open-Ended Questions
  • Conflict-Free Conversation Checklist 
  • Membership in exclusive Facebook Group 

BONUS #1 – Trial Membership to my Sunday Online “Enjoy Your Teen Again” Parenting Group for 3 months! That’s 6 bi-weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions – a value of $497!!

BONUS #2 – New! I’ve added a bonus module and worksheet for families dealing with substance abuse: Alcoholism & Addiction: A Family Affair 

As a special thank you to my community, I’ve decided to offer this entire package…



my 7 module course based on my 30+ years of research

7 worksheets so you can put your new knowledge into action

70-minutes of instruction

3 session trial of my online coaching group

Facebook Group access

50 Teen Conversation Starters

BONUS MODULE: Alcoholism & Addiction + worksheet

and my Conflict-Free Conversation Checklist

…for only $47. 



That’s a $280 value for just $47!!


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