Define Your Parenting Purpose for a Mindful Holiday

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In the upcoming holiday hustle and bustle, its so easy to stress out and also stress our relationships. Let’s pause, breathe, center and reflect on our parenting purpose for a mindful holiday.

Psychology says the purpose of parenting is to provide a healthy bond for the child and thereby, become the foundation to launch into the world. Sociology says, the purpose of parenting is to socialize children to societal norms. Religious traditions may say the purpose of parenting is something else entirely. These perspectives are worthy.

Conscious Parenting

In conscious parenting, we must get honest with ourselves and admit, the purpose of our parenting may have been a bit narcissistic. We may have an underlying belief that our child came to fulfill some deep need of the own, as parents. We reveal it when we are embarrassed if our kids aren’t well-behaved, or if they don’t make good grades. When are kids are kind, we take it as a personal compliment. As they grow, we may have a desire for our kids to go into the “right career” or marry the “right person.”

Defining My Parenting Purpose

As I grew and changed in my own parenting journey, I saw my highest calling as a parent, was to support my child’s journey (not my journey through my child). Additionally, I came to believe that my role as a parent was to support more and guide less as THEY prepared for their future. They were growing into independent responsible, contributing adults.

I actually wrote down my parenting purpose and reviewed it regularly, especially in times of stress. Holding myself accountable to the parenting purpose that I defined, helped guide my communication with my kids. I reviewed it regularly and it helped me grow in the practice of compassion with them.

But I didn’t do it alone. I had a coach to remind me and help me stay true to the commitment I made to the parenting purpose I defined. It was such a positive process for me, that I became a parent coach.

Invitation to Define Your Parenting Purpose

This holiday, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to take some time to define your parenting purpose. Reflect and meditate on it. It can truly become the foundation of every interaction for a mindful holiday and a transformative new year.

I’m here to support your process in living out your parenting purpose, just as I was supported. Join our Back on Track Facebook Group or visit my website to learn about more ways I can support your path.


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