I’ve been asked lately, how do I help my teen set a positive intention for the new school year to kick it off, “right?”

Let’s be clear, first. It is their school year and their intention and even their follow through. But we do have influence especially if we approach our teens with more conscious, gentle communication that guides while walking beside them and leads from behind them. The following examples will demonstrate what that means.

We can best encourage teens to set positive intentions for the new school year by using conscious communication skills.

1.) Create a loving space for the expression of feelings.

You can invite sharing by asking open-ended questions, such as, “How are you feeling about the new school year?”

Then just listen. Don’t judge. Don’t lecture or even share wisdom at this point. Just listen.

2.) Use affirmations.

“I believe in your ability to navigate whatever comes your way this year.”

“I appreciate that you try new things, even if you feel nervous.”

3.) Encourage intention setting with an inviting tone and a gentle open-ended question or two.

“What do you want to do differently this school year?”

“How will you be different this year?”

4.) Then simply summarize what you are hearing from them.

“I hear you saying, you want to ask for help sooner in the semester if you aren’t getting a concept.”

“It seems like you are open to making new friends this year.”

Conscious communication with a teen is a dance. It only works when it’s co-created, when teens feel seen and heard without judgement. We can embrace our parenting purpose to equip our teens for the future by doing the hard work of learning conscious communication skills.
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