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Is your teen not going to class? Screaming in your face? Threatening to not do homework? Staying up all night and then falling asleep during class? Do they have anxiety or sadness about school being online this year? You’re not alone.

When my daughter was struggling with depression long before Covid, we realized that we needed to look into an alternative to traditional schooling. It was then that she started an online learning program and we both discovered new challenges this setup brought with it.

As a former instructor of the Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, I was fortunate to be equipped with the tools to support her. I’m pleased to now offer them to you in my Empowered Online Learner Coaching Program! Allow me to support your teen so you can drop the role of homework police and focus instead on the most important role of all: PARENT!

Online learning may be new to your student, but this isn’t likely to be their last online learning experience. 3.2 million undergraduate students took at least one class online and 2.2 million students enrolled in exclusively online classes in 2017!

 Empowered Online Learner Coaching

Get back to being Mom or Dad. Let me help your student with school so they’re set up for successnow and in the future!

Here’s what to expect when you sign your teen up for my Empowered Online Learner Coaching:

First, your teen and I will map out their obligations and self-care needs.

Next, we’ll set up a structure together that helps them develop new habits and stay on track. I’ll hold them accountable in weekly calls and we’ll fix anything that’s not working.

Finally, I’ll work with you and your teen to build or maintain positive connection through Conscious Communication Skills so you can stay involved and guide them to success!


Online Learner Self-Care

It’s hard to learn if we’re not feeling our best. You may be feeling it, too. 

Like all of us, your teenager needs to take care of themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to thrive. Now more than ever, your teen is prone to experiencing the stress (fight or flight) response, anxiety, or depression if they aren’t putting themselves first.

To have a thriving online learner, make sure your teen is getting:

  • 8+ Hours of Sleep
  • Physical Exercise, Preferably Outside
  • Spiritual Practice (Meditation, Art, Journaling)

You’ll also want to understand what motivates them. Are they intrinsically or extrinsically motivated? Do they feel good about accomplishing tasks on their own, or would they enjoy a tangible reward?

Learning your teen’s motivators is part of my Empowered Online Learner Coaching Package. 

Online Learner Structure

Your teen will feel empowered with a structure that works for them!

Does your teen have a schedule? A routine that is easy for them to follow each day? Are they learning how to develop habits and use triggers and rewards to cement them? 

Your teen may be used to the familiar class schedule punctuated by a ringing bell when it’s time to switch gears and go learn math instead of science. They had predictability at school about when to eat lunch or what period they could relax in. 

Now that they’re home, they’re going to have to set up a structure that makes it easy for them to stay focused and get things done because they don’t have to think about what they should be doing next. They need to learn how to create small daily habits that add up to big achievements. And they also need to learn how to fit in self-care! 

Finally, they need to understand their learning style so they can work with their teachers to come up with the right way to learn the material for them. There’s no one-size-fits-all in learning and your teen should start feeling empowered now to work with their educators to make a learning plan that best suits their learning style, whether it’s visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. AND, whether they’re extroverted or introverted. It’s so empowering to know how we learn so we can gain knowledge without more stress!



Online Learner Connection

The antithesis of depression is connection. Emotional bonds and interaction are as important to your teen as fresh air.

With online learning, extroverted teenagers especially will struggle. All tweens and teens need to continue to see their friends and family members in-person to maintain their feelings of connection to others. 

Your ability to connect with your teen, too, matters now more than ever. Rather than fighting defense to defense, it’s important that your teenager communicate with you heart to heart. 

After working one on one with your teen on setting up their structure, making sure they are getting adequate self-care, and understanding their learning style and motivators, I’ll be working with both of you to improve your communication so you can continue to support their online learning while improving your relationship.

Ready to get your tween or teen the help they need with online learning? 

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out any time: click here to email me!

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5 Fast Facts About Me:


I have a Masters of Science in Sociology, specializing in interactionism, communication dynamics, and the sociology of childhood and adolescence.


I’m a former instructor in the Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.


My original research, “Dynamic Duos,” about adult mentor and parent impact on youth and teens was featured in the Journal of Applied Social Science, 2013.


My youth development career spans service in Mexico City as a youth substance abuse counselor to non-profit management in Texas.


My teen and parent coaching service has trained teens, parents, and educators nationwide. I conduct workshops on hot topics such as substance abuse, bullying prevention, and teen suicide prevention.

Ready to Get Your Teen On Track With Remote Learning?

It’s risk-free to see if my Empowered Online Learner Coaching Program is right for your family. Just click here to schedule a free assessment call 

We’ll evaluate your current plans and identify any potential roadblocks to your teen feeling empowered to get their work done.

There’s no obligation or pressure to continue working together. This call is my gift to you to make sure we’re both a match and want to help your teen together. It’s that simple! All information shared here will be kept private and confidential.

You have nothing to lose. Get your teen set up for success, today!

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