I’ve encountered so many misconceptions about conscious parenting lately, especially what it means to consciously parent teens.

Conscious parenting is NOT permissive parenting. Conscious parenting prioritizes the relationship with our child.

To me, it means freeing myself up as much as I can to be fully present in as many interactions with my teen as I can. Realistically that means, I have a way to examine my triggers and regain centeredness to be able to relate to kids as cleanly as possible.

But the truth is, I will be triggered! And so will you, my friend.

That reality can even be framed positively. Working through what triggers us in front of our teen and with our teen actually serves them also. They get to see that it’s okay to be human. The way we transparently and vulnerably communicate our inner lives shows our kids how to do the same. It gives them a graceful pathway to communicate respectfully or create space when needed if things get uncomfortable without the weight of shame.

Holding boundaries is a crucial part of any relationship.

One of the simplest but most profound ways of holding a boundary is to state what we feel, think, want, value or need. Holding boundaries at its core is truth-telling.. And truth-telling, having our insides match our outsides in authenticity, is what the conscious parenting journey is all about.

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