Our Teens Are Our Teachers in Authenticity

Communicating with Teens

My parenting journey has been a twisting turning path towards authenticity. My first born was premature and had congenital defect. She had to have an extensive surgery on the third day of life. While she made it through the first surgery she had to have a second one, two months later. It lasted eight-hours and we weren’t sure she would make it. I had to completely let go of her and surrender her to the surgeons, to a Higher power whom I choose to call God and to her own fighting spirit. I learned early how much of life we cannot control.

When my second daughter faced a depression in adolescence, I was afraid it was my fault because my marriage was ending. I was more afraid she would spiral downward. But surrendering my ego about controlling the outcome and truly listening to her soul’s intuition, helped me become the parent she needed. It meant, I had to dig deep, get real and communicate honestly from the heart with no pretext or agenda. I learned the dance of engaging and letting go in order to help her find the resources and support that were tailored to her needs. As it turns out, she needed my authenticity to affirm hers and heal.

Through these experiences, I mapped the mindset and the skills of co-creating the relationships my daughters needed to heal and launch. Today, they are resilient, powerful young women. Each of them has a strong sense of self and they are making their way in the world. I found my soul’s liberation in the process and my calling to help other parents authentically connect heart to heart with their teens and launching young adults.

I invite you to join or re-commit to interacting in our Facebook tribe of brave, journeying, balancing parents raising teens, https://www.facebook.com/groups/432352333918587/. I will have some surprises along the way. So, share your parenting journey there and let’s support each other. You may find as I have, that they will teach you about authenticity, generosity and resilience.


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