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By diversifying your funding streams by including grant writing to fund your mission, you’ll stabilize your cash flow, crush imposter syndrome, and impact people in your own community who need your services the most!

The perception is that you write a grant and send it out to multiple funders in a shotgun approach. That’s not how you win. My $65,000,000 winning record is based on good research which aligns the funder to your mission. Because a well researched proposal is targeted with the right funder aligned to the right project, with the right partner, my system wins! 100% of the authors and coaches I have helped have been funded $10,000 or more.

Even if you have no idea how to get a grant and it sounds hard, my Quick Start Guide walks you through the process! If you can tell a story as an author or coach, you can tell your story in a grant. Plus, if you are among the first 10 to buy the Quick Start Guide, I will edit and/or proofread the first grant you write!

It can be daunting to spend money not knowing if you’ll get funding, but book buying and coaching services are still perceived as luxury items. Diversifying funding streams for your dream business makes good business sense.

Grants are going to someone, why not you? Schools and non-profits hire contractors all the time, why not you?

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I Did It!
How I Funded My Mission and Sold Books in Bulk with Grants

I started with a heart-centered mission and a newly published book, How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication with Teens and Parents. Like all new authors, I was proud of it, but I quickly learned writing and publishing a book were only half the journey. I had to market it and get it into the hands of those who needed the message the most. Because I have had a career in social services and had professional connections with schools, naturally I thought about making bulk book sales with schools and school-parent involvement groups. Even though budgets were being cut and schools were watching every dollar they spent, I was not to be deterred.

Before my book was published, I had a career in youth development in nonprofit organizations. Grant writing was a skill I had developed as a necessity. I knew grant money was available for afterschool programs and parent education. I volunteered to assist my local school district with their grant writing for free. They successfully won grants for both their afterschool and parent engagement programs.

Heart-Centered Mission

With more than twenty years of experience in youth development and parent education in various nonprofits, I launched a heart-centered, mission-driven service to help parents and teens make respectful communication breakthroughs. I coach teens and parents in effective communication skills which includes workshops, speaking engagements, and private coaching. My aim is to equip teens and parents with the communication skills they need to build the satisfying relationships they both want and deserve. As a family sociologist, I have seen that this is best achieved through connection and not attempts at control. Helping teens learn respectful and effective communication skills actually prepares them for the future as productive, responsible adults.

My mission has been funded through three different types of grant funds, a private family foundation grant for parent services, a State of Texas sub-contract from a large afterschool grant for afterschool programs and a contract provider of parent services to a U.S. Health and Human Services grant.

New Private Family Foundation Grant for $25,000

When my local school district won a grant, I was invited to conduct parenting workshops. As a result, I had steady income from these workshops. The grant was renewable and I was contracted for two years. I hadn’t even published my book, How to Raise Respectful Parents, yet! I used that first year to develop the materials for the workshop, which in time and with changes, became the foundation of my book.

The school district liked the parenting workshop so much that in the second year of grant funding, they bought the book in bulk to be used as the curriculum for the workshops. Thus began my heart-centered mission that effectively funded my book development, provided steady income for the parent workshops, and even produced a few referrals to my parent-coaching service.

The first grant from the school district was funded through a private family foundation for $25,000. (There is generally more flexibility in these kinds of grants.)

State of Texas Afterschool Grant – Awarded Subcontracts—$10,000

The second grant funding for my mission came through an existing grant for afterschool programs. Because of the positive relationships I had built during the first grant-funding opportunity, I was offered the chance to provide a series of teen and parent communication workshops. I was contracted as a sub-awardee on the afterschool grant. I shared that I was willing to donate ten copies of my book for the workshop so we could use it as a text for some of the communication exercises that are in the book that I wanted to use during the workshops. The project coordinator decided she could afford to purchase multiple copies of my book so that each family in the workshop could have a copy. Just like that—I made my second grant-funded bulk book sale!

Contract Service Provider—$100,000 from a Federal Health Education Grant

The next grant opportunity came when a second, local school district learned about my parent and teen communication training. They were writing a sex education grant to be funded from a federal health education grant that had a strong parental component. Is there any better time that you want to communicate well with your kids than when you are talking about sex? They had an evidenced-based curriculum that they wanted to use. They asked me if I would be willing to provide the parental training component. It was a three-year grant and would require monthly parent workshops using my materials and their chosen curriculum. Of course, I said yes. The grant contract for my services totaled more than $100,000, and I negotiated book sales opportunities to the parents after each workshop!



As an author, coach, or social artist your time is limited, so we get straight to the good stuff! By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to find funding for your mission using grants — knowing who to approach, how to pitch your offering, what tools to collect, and how to write a winning grant application!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is something that would work for what I do?

I offer a Grant Mapping Call to align your project to types of potential funders.

Will I be limited in what I can write/talk about if I use a grant?

In grant writing you must align what you want to write and talk about to the mission of the funder. Therefore, you must do the research for the right funder for your mission. I say there is no such thing as scarce resources. We just have to do the research to find the right funder for the right project with the right partner.

How long does it all take until there’s a check in my hands?

It depends on the funder, but anywhere between 3 to 6 months. Grant writing isn’t a quick funding stream but it can be a consistent one for struggling authors and coaches. In fact, it can stabilize a business.

Does the money even go to my hands?

The way I teach grant writing for authors and coaches, you form partnerships with schools and non profits who receive and then disperse the monies. If we write your contract into the grant and you are a named partner to the grant, then the school or non profit must cut your check because that’s the way the grant is structured. And yes, I have a template for the partnership contract or Memorandum of Understanding.

Will this be focused on American grants or would it work for British or Canadian?

Neither. It focuses on the process.

About the author.

Laura Lyles Reagan, MS will align your mission with non-profit or school partners to help you compete and win grant awards that fund your programs, books, products, speaking fees, workshops and bulk book sales.

Laura raised money to write her first book, How to Raise Respectful Parents, with grants. Today she funds her bilingual parent workshops and book sales with grant funds.

Laura is a grant funding expert with a career win record of $65,000,000. Every author Laura has helped over the last 3 years has won funding! 

Laura Lyles Reagan

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